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Local Leader of Education

Congratulations to Mrs Mains for becoming one of a handful of Local Leaders of Education in the area. LLEs are experienced Headteachers who coach or mentor new Headteachers or Headteachers whos schools are in challenging circumstances. This accolade is part of Croft Primary's journey to becoming an Outstanding Primary School.


If you have any games at home suitable for wet playtimes please can you send them into school and we will make good use of them.

School App - School Ping

Thank you for getting on board with our new school app. All the money we save from texts and paper will be put into things that help your child learn. Keep an eye on the calendar as all the dates for the year are there for you.


ParentPay – Cashless Payment System
Our new on line payment system is now LIVE and can be used t pay for your child's snacks, school meals, trips, tickets etc.

If your child needs medicine which is NOT prescribed by the doctor, and is required in school, they must be sent in sachets rather than opened bottles.

Labels on School Clothes
Please ensure your child/ren have clothes labelled. Please help us to make sure no school clothing goes missing.

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