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Activities and After School Clubs


Spring Term 1

Monday 6th Sept - Friday 14th February 2020

We have lots of activities going on after school and at lunch time.

We try to cater for all age groups.

Additional clubs will be added to the timetable below as soon as they become available.

Children and parents will be notified about clubs that will be  running during the term via the school newsletter and school ping.

Parents/carers will be notified by the School App - School Ping if there are any changes to the club timetable.

After School and Lunchtime Activities - Spring Term 1 2020





Run By


Monday Choir (starts 6th Jan) 3.15-4.15pm Years 3-6 Mrs Culliford


  Homework Club (starts 13th Jan) 3:15-4pm   Miss Blease  
Tuesday Musical Instruments & Voices (starts 7th Jan) 3:15-4pm   Mrs Steff  
  Dance TBC        
Wednesday Inventors
(starts Wed 8th Jan)
3.15-4.15pm   The Inventors POA
  Basketball (starts Wed 8th Jan) 3:15-4:15pm   WSA  

Startlets Drama
(starts Thu 9th Jan)

3:15-4:30 pm Years 1 to 6 Ali Burrows POA
  Football (starts 9th Jan) 3:15-4:15pm Years 1 & 2 WSA  
  Football (starts 9th Jan) 3:15-4:30pm Years 3-6 Mr Matthews  

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